I am one of those people who still keep in touch with their friends from grade one. I’m that guy, and I’m pretty happy about it.  

We’re all in different fields now, with vastly different lifestyles. For example, one of our buddies is a contractor, the next a lawyer, and then we even have a self-made entrepreneur-slash-musician in the mix. There are 12 of us sharing this lifetime of amazing memories, which I appreciate so much.  

One of my favourite things about these friendships is the fact that as my real estate development company has grown, I’ve been able to open up opportunities for my friends to invest in some pretty interesting commercial real estate projects. These are opportunities that as individuals, none of us would ever be able to afford. But because I have this professional access, we can each throw in what we can and purchase a slice of this prohibitively expensive market.  

Real estate is infamously difficult to break into in my home city of Vancouver, but it wasn’t so difficult when my dad arrived in the city. A refugee from communist Ukraine, my dad skimped, saved and pooled money with his friend Charlie, another refugee from neighbouring Hungary. Together, they bought their first home, a small bungalow on a corner lot in Kitsilano. My dad and Charlie paid $60K for the building, an astronomically low price compared to today’s market but a major accomplishment for both of these men. From here, they began to buy up other houses and buildings, fix them up themselves and sell them again. That was the beginning of their business, the Molnar Group- a real estate development company focused on community based housing and commercial properties.  

As a kid, I never went to daycare. Instead, I grew up going to the company’s construction trailer after school, and learning the basics of the business by being around it all- and doing tons of chores. I’m sure I complained about it, but now when I look back, I think about how cool it was that I grew up seeing first hand what happens when two friends work together to achieve their goals.  

To me, Land Baron is a way to keep the tradition alive of pooling resources in order to unlock opportunities in real estate. My dad and Charlie started this tradition, and these days I carry it on with my group of friends. Each one of us chose what we’re comfortable investing, and pool it together to buy a slice of a commercial real estate project- typically malls undergoing revitalization. Then, in 3-5 years we all walk away with our investment plus a nice return.  

That’s why Land Baron is so exciting. It has a bigger impact but the principle is the same. Committed groups of ambitious folks can invest as little as $500 each to get involved in commercial real estate investing. That’s about the price of a weekend away, versus the cost of a down payment on a building. Then, no matter how much each person can afford to throw into the pool, because everyone is working together, the group rides on the same train- and enjoys the same rate of return- as the private high net worth investment money that usually is privy to the commercial real estate sphere. This is a huge opportunity, and one that is difficult to find anywhere else.  

Right now, Canada is considered the number one place to invest in commercial real estate. I’m so excited to give the hard working people working for a living in our country their chance to make the most of this moment. I hope you’ll join us as Land Baron changes the commercial real estate game for good.