Account Opening

Who can invest? Any Canadian resident in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario over the age of 18 will be able to invest, subject to suitability as assessed by Land Baron.

Is it RRSP/TFSA eligibility? We are not RRSP/TFSA eligible. We are planning to create eligibility in the near future.  

How do I subscribe? Land Baron will provide an online onboarding process, which will allow electronic funds delivery either directly or through your financial institutions. In addition, you will need to complete an electronic “Know Your Client” form, which will require periodic updating. A Land Baron representative will be available by phone to assist with this process as required. 

In addition, Land Baron may provide a form of Offering Memorandum describing its business in greater detail, as well as including a statutory right to withdraw funds for a period of time.  

Is there a minimum investment? The minimum investment is $500.  

Is there a maximum investment? The maximum investment is $10,000.  

What am I investing in? Land Baron will provide you with an opportunity to invest in a limited partnership, to be formed upon acquisition of a particular commercial property. Your limited partnership unit(s) will provide you with a specified preferred return on your capital plus the opportunity to participate in any upside on a liquidated event, such as a sale of the property. All distributions to unitholders will be dependant upon cash flows from the property, and the specific returns will be discussed in the Offering Memorandum that will be provided to you prior to you ordering your investment.